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McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT) gives you access to the most comprehensive news and image services available — offering broader, deeper coverage than you'll find anywhere else. Whether you are looking for U.S., international, student-oriented, regional or industry-specific content, MCT gives you a single, easy-to-use resource for news, business and sports. MCT also provides features, opinions and themed content packages on a wide range of topics — along with related photos, graphics, illustrations and caricatures.

With 600-plus contributors worldwide, MCT has an exceptional variety of sources, so you get detailed analyses, opinions and perspectives along with relevant visuals.

MCT also pays royalties for content you contribute to our Regional/Business News Service, creating new revenue for you organization.

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Operated jointly by the McClatchy Company and Tribune Company, MCT serves more than 1,200 media clients, online information services and information resellers across the globe. Our clients depend on MCT for content they need.

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